According to the Association of Specialty Cut Flowers, roughly 80% of fresh flowers sold in the US are not actually grown in North America. Most come from South American and Europe. Flowers traveling such a great distance require enormous amounts of energy (transportation, refrigeration, and storage). Flowers shipped into the country have often been exposed to large amount of pesticides and fungicides.

Imported flowers are often many days old before they reach your home, diminishing their beauty and longevity.

Local farmers are able to produce a wider range of gorgeous varieties. Their flowers are not produced to withstand days of travel before being enjoyed.

When you purchase flowers locally, you are supporting a family who resides in your community. You are choosing to contribute to your community's economy. You are joining a movement focused on protecting our air and other natural resources.

Research has shown flowers can improve your mood and reduce stress. So #whynot support you local flower farmers and enhance your environment at the same time?